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This handsome devil in the foreground is Mick. Mick was a K9 Officer with the Portland Police Department. He was killed in the line of duty while attempting to apprehend a burglary suspect. Mick's partner, Officer Jeff Dorn, was also shot and wounded, but survived thankfully, and continues to be a member of the Portland Police. Officer Dorn credits Mick with saving his life. I felt it was the least I could do to make a memorial of such a great dog.

The sculpture is still in process, but the clay model is finally done, and will soon be headed to the mold makers. This is going to be an expensive piece to cast due to it's size (1 and 1/4 life size...over 6 feet long from the front toes to the tip of the tail), so I've set up a GoFundMe account to make sure the sculpture gets cast properly. The link to the GoFundMe account is below. Thanks for looking.

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